Our Story…

Most people already know that we are a boutique art studio offering guided painting classes for adult Sip & Paint and children of all ages; available for private parties and events; birthdays, bachelorettes, church events, fundraisers, corporate events or just for fun! But many do not know our story…

Located at 331 Main Street in Beacon, NY Eat.Paint.Love Studio first opened its door in 2013, becoming the first Sip and Paint in the lower Hudson Valley. It provided a fun space for people to create beautiful art and spend time with friends and family in a relaxing atmosphere.

In 2018, my then two year old son Vincent and I began coming to the studio. His father was battling an illness in a hospital in NYC and Sunday became mommy & me day and after our first class we were in LOVE. Yes, most the canvas we brought home that year looked more brown than the actual painting but he was having so much fun, I registered him for nearly every Sunday kids class that year. I loved the freedom it allowed Vincent to create and just be! 

In March, 2019, five days before Vincent’s third birthday, his father passed away and within that time the studio’s owner was advertising that it needed a new owner or it would close its door forever. I could not let my son lose yet another thing he loved so Vincent’s Eat-Paint-Love Studio, LLC was born! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my son happy and watching so many other children and adults alike be PROUD of something they created!

Vincent’s Eat-Paint Love Studio has continued to be a staple on 331 Main Street in Beacon, NY! We love being apart of this AMAZING community and pray we can continue to make beautiful art with you all! 

Email us to plan your next event, or check out our events calendar to register for a class. 

Come Paint with Us!


Vincent & Claudia