The EPL Project

What is “The EPL Project” you ask?

the epl project logoThe EPL Project is Eat.Paint.Love’s. slightly more sophisticated and better dressed older sister.

She wears a collared shirt under her cardigan with a chunky necklace, colored jeans and Hunter rain boots. She messes her french manicure while digging in her garden, pairs her wine with fine cheeses & loves to turn an ordinary moment in to a sexy shindig.

No silly! The EPL Project is not actually a well dressed woman!  We are very passionate about living life to the CUTEST and we want you to be too! The EPL Project is a lifestyle presence committed to bringing you  carefully planned,  hands on D.I.Y. life enriching events that we like to call “Lifestyle Funshops”. {workshop sounded too boring!} They will pop up on the calendar from time to time.

EPL Project – Lifestyle Funshops will be held at the Eat. Paint. Love. Studio Beacon location. Each event will have unique details & can be registered for here.

the epl project logo22

Look for this logo!


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